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A branded content reaches levels of complete saturation across social media, the competition to be best, fastest and most relevant has never been more ferocious. It’s a designer’s dream at the moment as software improves to try and keep up with the ever improving skillsets of modern digital artists.

And sport is the perfect environment for this. Without applying any design treatment at all, the source photo of a sporting moment is often enough to inspire a global following of fans. So to then add layers of curated design and brand reinforcement makes for a timeline of daily visual entertainment.

The last 12 months has seen a new layer to this competition for fans timelines. That of the individual football player. The player themselves often doesnt have a direct product range to sell. But clearly the realisation that strong personal brands has the potential for direct ROI is sinking in throughout the sport, obviously led by the heavyweights in world football who have a more obvious commercial gain from an active social profile.

So who are the best at implementing great sports design. I don’t necessarily mean the most valuable from a commercial point, but more from a designer’s perspective. Players are employing some great designers and agencies (our guess is they are limited themselves at using Creative Suite) to provide fans with some truly brilliant artwork, and vary valuable ammunition for sharing on social channels.


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Come on reds 🚶🏻…

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Last game of 2017 let’s end the year on a high! ⚫️🔵 #goatalantago

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Forza Roma!! Dajeee!!!! 🐺💛❤️ #JJLUPO #romaatalanta #asroma #daje #seriea

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PSG – @fcbayern!

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So a big thank you to those players for being part of this creative drive on social media. And we look forward to more innovation and excitement as more players get involved

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