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The Challenge…

Playing Surface began in 2014 when the demand for visual content in social media began to explode. As broadcasters, we needed a solution to create world class content during the live sporting moment with maximum speed, efficiency and accuracy, with particular focus or reinforcing brand values.

As a result of the first prototype, we found that all sports brands had similar demands and challenges across their companies. Brands that included broadcasters, federations, sponsors, kit manufacturers, teams and athletes all needed the power to create visual content to maximise fan engagement and understand their fan base more.

Since then, we’ve being continuously developing the platform to constantly add more power to our clients, with regular product updates released to ensure that our clients timelines are packed with the best content possible. We are able to harness the power of live data integration, animation, multilingual options, complex image-filtering effects to give editorial and social media teams the capacity to capture the live sporting moment, and maximise the length of a sporting event from commercial and engagement angles.

We were the first platform in the world to provide this power to clients, and we remain the biggest today as we look to create the perfect sports digital solution to transform your daily working lives. We are always happy to talk to you about how the platfrom is working for our clients in our sector, and can give a full view of how brands are creating, saving money, engaging and creating new revenues


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