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We have been very fortunate to have worked with so many huge sporting clients for a number of reasons. But one of the best ones has been our opportunity to experience working with brand guidelines from every type of sporting brand.

Just like the Playing Surface platform has evolved and excelled due to client feedback and user demands helping to shape our roadmap, the studio has benefitted in the same way. There are very few studios in the world who have had direct design communication projects with so many global sports brands. As a result, we are able to provide  services of bespoke designs for all digital and print media, from brand exploration and design language journeys, through to content roll outs for broadcast, social, web and print.

13 strides is a sports digital agency that creates enriched websites and applications for the sporting world, including events, federations, brands, sports personalities, teams, governing bodies and management companies.

We are a full service agency, delivering in-house design and development on digital applications and brands. Our specialisms revolve around our expertise of both digital applications and the understanding of the sporting audience. Sport is our obsession as well as our expertise that goes along way to fuelling our ambition to create the best websites and applications possible. Our client list past and present includes brands such as Channel 4, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Juventus, UEFA, Great Run, European Athletics, IAAF, BBC Sport, Opta and EA Sports. Clients with such impact have given us the possibility to create large-scale applications with new digital technologies and accurate deployment of social media strategies to maximise the online sporting community. Digitally, we are committed to using the latest in Microsoft technology, primarily using the .Net platform, and have a certified agile approach to managing and delivering projects in a friendly, flexible and accurate manner.

In 2013, we were awarded a BAFTA for Digital Creativity for our design input on the Channel 4 Paralympic Games. In 2009 we were shortlisted for the prestigious New Media Age Effectiveness Award in the Sport category, an accolade that recognises successful digital campaigns in social media and inspiring audience participation. Playing Surface was established as a specific need to provide live marketing to sport on social media.

As 2017 unfolds, the demand from sports fans to interact with fast, entertaining content on social media will be bigger than ever, and even more competitive.





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