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Platform Update: MatchCentre v4.0

In global football, the season never ends, so the release date for the new MatchCentre arrives at the mid-point of the Premier League season.

The latest upgrade of the feature is our biggest yet and aims to add a new armoury to the social media editor who has a live data feed for their brand.

As always, the MC takes live data and feeds into Playing Surface to create self-published visual content as close to live as possible. In preparation for Release 4, we’ve been working closely with development teams from investment and equity sectors. Why? For the simple reason that they demand the very highest performance levels of data speeds and stability, which the sports fan has also become accustomed to.



We’ve updated our language packs so that a live game can now be supported by simultaneously up to 14 languages (Arabic and Korean being the newest additions).

We still argue in the studio on a monthly basis on whether MatchCentre should post direct to social media. And we still always end the discussion with the same answer. Although it’s very possible, we still believe that all posts generated should be curated by an editor, or simply approved before landing on social channels.

So to keep progressing, we’ve packed the MatchCentre timeline with a load of new features. Your editor can now curate a timeline and view selected languages in one place. They can turn multiple games on or off. Effectively they can put their feet up whilst we do all the work.

And we are now mobile!! MatchCentre is now responsively built so that digital teams can now keep across everything from their phone view, and post direct from their to their fan base.

If you’re not a client of Playing Surface and would like to know more, we’d be more than happy to take you through the platform and how MatchCentre will truly globalise you branded content, making you faster and better to your fans. Get in touch through our contact page.

Thanks for reading.


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